To activate "Hello BMW", or to set up your own activation word, follow the steps bellow:

  1. First, log in to your BMW Drive Profile.

  2. Select 'CAR' on the left side menu of the iDrive control display. 

  3. Next, choose 'SETTINGS' and then select 'LANGUAGE'. 

  4. Scroll down and check 'ACTIVATION WITH HELLO BMW' 

  5. To add your own activation keyword or to use this feature to name your assistant, for example, "Gina", select 'PERSONAL KEYWORD'

  6. Tap 'START RECORDING' and then say your new keyword. 

  7. Confirmation that your keyword was identified will be displayed in the menu.


​The voice commands allow you, or if equipped, your front passenger, to do many new functions hands-free. Here are a few examples: 


"Hello BMW. Set temperature to 74 degrees"

"Hey BMW, set my seat heat to level 3"

"Hey BMW, take me to the nearest Starbucks" 

"Hey BMW, turn the radio to 100.3 fm"