Identifying the BMW Driver Assistance Systems. 

Your BMW may include a number of driver assistance systems that provide an even higher level of comfort, convenience, and safety.


These systems may include: 

  • Lane Departure Warning

  • Active Blind Spot Detection

  • Frontal Collision Warning

  • Head-up Display

  • Night Vision with Pedestrian Detection

Auto Start-Stop.

Red lights, long trains, traffic jams, road work. There are countless instances when engines unnecessarily waste fuel while vehicles are not in motion. With the intelligent Auto Start-Stop function- an innovation developed as part of BMW Efficient Dynamics- the engine can automatically turn off when it's not needed, and promptly re-start when it is.  


You can chose to activate or deactivate the Auto Start Stop function at your leisure. When the LED light in the Auto Start-Stop button is illuminated, the feature is deactivated. 

The system is managed by a central unit that monitors a number of variables. To ensure your comfort and safety, Auto Start-Stop is only active when certain conditions are met. A complete list of these conditions is provided in your owners manual. 


  • Up to 3% fuel savings 

  • Zero emissions when at a standstill

Park Distance Control. 

Park Distance Control (PDC) uses a system of four ultrasonic sensors in both the front and rear bumpers to help you detect objects or obstructions that may not be visible. If an object is detected, you will be alerted by both audible and visual warnings.The audible alert consist of a beeping sound that increases in frequency as you near the object. As an added benefit, the beeping sound is transmitted the audio speakers in the appropriate corner of the vehicle cabin. Additionally, a graphic image in the iDrive display uses red, yellow, and green color indicators to visualize the location and distance to the obstetrical obstacle. PDC is activated automatically by the vehicle in the reverse gear. The driver can also also activate this system at anytime by pushing the button in the center console. 

Rear View Camera.

The Rear View Camera system provides graphic lines that represent the vehicles actual path when backing up. An additional set of graphic lines can be superimposed onto this image to provide the driver with a preview of where the vehicle would travel in maximum steering angle were used. These two paths are visually differentiated from one another in the iDrive display. The system also allows the driver to combine the rear-camera image with the PDC images using a split-screen format. This provides an even greater degree of information to assist the driver when maneuvering in tight spaces. The Rear View Camera System is automatically activated when the car is engaged in reverse. 

Head-Up Display. 

Head-up Display places a virtual instrument panel onto the windshield for added safety when driving. This virtual image is projected from the top of the instrument panel onto the windshield, appearing in line with the end of the hood. You can adjust the brightness and height of the image via the iDrive menu. You can also turn the system on or off as desired. 


Depending on the vehicle and options selected, the following information can be displayed: 

  • Current vehicle speed

  • Cruise control set speed

  • Navigation instructions (only with BMW Navigation)

  • Lane departure warning 

  • Radio station lists

  • Check conrtol and onboard computer warnings and messages

Speed Limit Display.

Speed Limit Information utilizes the Lane Departure Warning camera located in the interior rearview mirror to capture current speed limit and other signage (such as no passing), and displays a graphoc representation of the sign in the instrument cluster, as well as in the optional Head-up Display (if present). 

Dynamic Cruise Control. 

Standard on all BMW models, this feature controls vehicle speed much more accurately than traditional cruise control systems. By lightly applying the brakes to prevent excessive speed, the system maintains the pre-selected speed more accurately on downhill stretches without the need for driver intervention. Also specific to Dynamic Cruise Control is two-step choice for increasing or decreasing speed. You can choose to increase or decrease the speed in 1 mph increments, or 5 mph increments. 

Lane Departure Warning. 

Employing a camera near the interior rearview mirror, LDW scans the road ahead when traveling at speeds above 40 mph in a bis to locate lane markings. If you begin a lane change without using your turn signal, the system produces a gentle vibration in the steering wheel to warn of potentially unsafe lane change. When the system is active, an indicator with two roadway lines appears in the instrument panel between the tachometer and speedometer. An image of an arrow will then appear on the left and/or right of these roadway lines to indicate when the camera is detecting road markings. 

Daytime Pedestrian Protection. 

Daytime Pedestrian Protection helps to prevent accidents with pedestrians at city speeds. This is a camera based system that provides acoustic and visual warnings to the driver. It also can provide braking intervention, if necessary. 

Cross Traffic Alert. 

Assists the driver when maneuvering out of a parking space and in daily situations when it is difficult to see crossing traffic, such as blind entrances or exists. The vehicle detects objects approaching the vehicle and will warn the driver with visual and acoustic signals. 

This feature can be turned on or off in the iDrive system. 

  1. My Vehicle 

  2. Vehicle Settings

  3. Scroll down to Parking

  4. Cross Traffic Alert- Check the box to turn this feature on or off

The Cross Traffic Alert system is activated when the vehicle is engaged in reverse gear, or when the driver presses the parking Parking Assistant button or Camera button, if the vehicle is equipped. The camera also opens the panoramic view to provide optimal viewing of cross traffic. 

Tire Pressure Monitor.

If the tire pressure warning symbol appears in the instrument cluster or in notifications, check your vehicle's status by using the iDrive system. 

Parking Assistant. 

Helps identify suitable parking spaces and supports the driver when parallel parking. To activate this system, press the Parking Assistant button, located on the center consol. The iDrive screen will display instructions on how to utilize Parking Assistant. To stop the PA at anytime, simple release the PA button.