The new BMW iDrive 7 Operating System has a cutting-edge, fully-digital design and is geared more closely to the driver's needs by allowing them to tailor the system to their own preferences with customization widgets of information. This new level of customization is then stored in the BMW cloud and can follow the customer to other BMW vehicles. 

This allows you to set up the displays as you want, for example, you may prefer to create a media page, a navigation page with map and route preview and a page for weather and news. You are able to create up to 10 pages that be changed or added at any time and will be synced to your BMW Cloud Profile. 

To change the current iDrive screen layout and build your own: 

  • Press the little icon in the top left corner that consists of 3 boxes.

  • Each screen, or page can be custom designed to display two, three, or four widgets.

  • To add a widget to the current page, press the center of the "+" button. To remove a widget, press the X in the corner. 

  • To change a widget, press the center, scroll through the menu and you can choose from any of the available options. 

  • You can also create additional pages by tapping the "ADD PAGE" on the right side menu. 

  • All new pages will automatically appear to the right of the previous page. 

  • Once all widgets are in place, select DONE. Now, you can quickly swipe between pages. 

You can also customize the instrument cluster. To do this: 


  • Here, you can choose to display the navigation map or route preview between your gauges.

  • Additional options are also listed here. 

Finally, the driver can also customize what is displayed in the tachometer: 

  • Press the Board Computer button located on the end of the turn signal lever on the left side of the steering column. 

  • This will cycle through information on fuel consumption, trip-date, g-force meter, sport displays, and current entertainment source.