BMW Genius Tips

Tips for using Navigation.

The BMW Navigation system has many ways to find locations and guide you to your destination. Here are a few tips to help you better utilize it for your journey. 

  1. Before you even get into your BMW, you can start searching for a destination by using the BMW Connected app and send that direction directly to your vehicle. 

  2. Once inside your BMW, you will find the destination message in the notifications menu.  

  3. If along the way you decide to make an additional stop, you can add an intermediate destination hands-free by utilizing the voice command button. 

  4. If you run into traffic, and you have dynamic guidance turned on the navigation system on, the navigation system will actively search for the quickest route. 

  5. For directions back to where you parked, the BMW Connected app offers walking directions to your BMW. 

If you would prefer to send destinations from your computer to your vehicle. . . . 

MyInfo helps you reach your destination faster and more conveniently. Search for a location from your computer, using Google™ Maps, then transfer the results, and even a personal note, to your BMW.

Once inside the vehicle, the destination will appear under the ConnectedDrive 'Messages' option.

With the newest Google™ Maps, you are required to register the vehicle with a Google™ account before you can use MyInfo. You can create one, for free, at

Once logged in, go to to add the vehicle. The account ID is your email address on file with BMW Assist.

Voice Commands- Destinations. 

To improve safety, the Navigation system includes Voice Command to reduce the need to operate the iDrive, radio, and Navigation systems manually while driving. Destinations, radio stations, phone numbers and other features can be accessed and manipulated simply through spoken commands. A list of short commands for the Voice Command system are included in the last section of the printed Owner's Manual. As in other BMW models, Voice Command is accessed via a buton on the multi-function steering wheel. 


How to Quickly cool your BMW.

When the weather is particularly warm outside, there are several ways to cool the interior temperature of your BMW, Prior to entrance. 

  1. For vehicles equipped with rear sun blinds, these will help keep the temperature down by diffusing the sunlight.

  2. If you have a planned departure time, you can program your vehicle to automatically ventilate.

  3. If equipped, you can also select the temperature from when you'd like the seat ventilation to activate automatically. 

  4. With the BMW Connected app you can immediately and remotely ventilate your BMW.

  5. Quickly open all windows and the moonroof while approaching your vehicle simply by pressing and holding the unlock button on your key fob. 

  6. Finally, when you are inside your vehicle, the quickest way to cool down is by pressing the MAX A/C button. 

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