Intelligent Safety Button.

Located on the center dash. It allows you to activate, deactivate, and customize some settings of Frontal Collision Warning, Lane Departure Warning, Blind Spot Detection and Slide Collision Warning. 


When the Intelligent Safety button is green- all driver assistance safety functions are currently active.

When the Intelligent Safety button is red- one of more driver assistance safety functions have been deactivated. 

Please note that all safety systems are on by default each time you turn on the car. Frontal collision Warning and Pedestrian Warning cannot be deactivated. 

Head Up Display.

Projects relevant driving information directly into the drivers line of sight. This allows the driver to process information up to 50% faster and keep their attention where it belongs- on the road. 

BMW vehicles with Head-Up Display can be recognized by a small square depression on the dashboard. this contains a projector and a system of mirrors that beam an easy-to-read, high-contrast image onto the translucent film on a widescreen, directly in your line of sight. 

The image is projected in such a way that it appears to be about two meters away, above the tip of the bonnet, making it particularly comfortable to read. 

The Heads-Up display can easily be adjusted horizontally or vertically, via the iDrive Controller, for optimal viewing. This increased picture rotation means the Head-Up display is individually adjustable. In addition to the speed, which is displayed permantely, the Head-Up Display can also show other content depending on the model and equipment. Examples include: rpm, navigation, speed limit information, and the status of Active Cruise Control. Driver Assistant warnings and the Check Control are also displayed in the BMW Head-Up Display. 

The driver can configure the BMW Head-Up Display their liking using the iDrive Controller. 

Speed Limit Information.  

Utilizes the Lane Departure Warning camera located in the interior rearview mirror to capture current speed limit and other signage (such as "no passing"), and displays a graphic representation of the sign in the instrument cluster, as well as in the option Head-Up Display. 

Active Lane Keep Assistant and Traffic Jam Assistant. 

Provides semi-automated driving capability by initiating corrective steering interventions to assist the driver in keeping the vehicle in the center of the lane. In start-stop traffic, the system uses the vehicle in front as an additional reference point. The system includes senesitive hands-on-wheel setection as well as a side collision prevention function. This improves driving comfort and enhances saftey. 


The feedback provided to the driver is as follows: 

  • Illuminated of flashing LEDs on side mirrors 

  • Steering-wheel vibration

  • Steering pulse

  • Steering intervention

You can activate the Active Lane Keeping Assistant and Traffic Jam Assistant by pressing the button on the steering wheel. If the drive activates the turn signal, this function deactivates. 

Frontal Collision Warning with City Mitigation. 

A camera based system that delivers acoustic and visual warnings to the driver as well as breaking intervention at city speeds. It provides both a Preliminary Warning and a Secondary Warning. 

A preliminary Warning warns of an emerging danger of collision, warns if distance to the vehicle moving in front of you is very short, the the brake system is preconditioned. A secondary Warning warns of an imminent danger of collision and the break system can be automatically applied depending on the driving conditions, speed, and options. 

To adjust the Preliminary Warning, access the Intelligent Safety menu by pressing the intelligent safety button, scroll to "configure individual", then scroll down to "frontal collision warning", and select "Early", "Medium", or "Late". 

Daytime Pedestrian Protection. 

Helps to prevent accidents with pedestrians at city speeds. This is a camera based system that provides acoustic and visual warnings to the driver. It also can provide braking intervention, if necessary. 

Cross Traffic Alert.

Assists the driver when maneuvering out of a parking space and in daily situations when it is difficult to see crossing traffic, such as blind entrances or exits. The vehicle detects objects approaching the vehicle and will warn the driver with visual acoustic signals. 

This feature can be turned on or off in the iDrive system. First select "my vehicle", then, "vehicle settings" scroll down to "Parking", and finally "cross traffic alert". Check the box to turn this feature on or off. 

The CTA is activated when the vehicle is engaged in reverse gear, or when the driver presses the parking assistant button or Camera button, if the vehicle is equipped. The camera also opens the panoramic view to provide optimal viewing of crossing traffic. 

360 Degree View Using Gesture Control. 

The pinch and drag gesture gives you a 360 degree rotational view around the vehicle for difficult to see objects or people.

Park Distance Control (PDC). 

Supports the Driver during parking and maneuvering. It uses ultrasonic sensors to monitor surroundings and alert the driver of any obstacles in their path. 

To activate PDC, simply press the "Parking Assistant" button or engage the vehicle in reverse gear. PDC can be enabled or disabled through the "Settings" menu in iDrive.

Parking Assistant.

Helps identify suitable parking spaces and supports the driver when parallel parking. To activate this system, press the "Parking Assistant" button, which is located in the center console. The iDrive screen will display instructions on how to utalize the PA. To stop the PA at any time, simple release the "Parking Assistant" button. 

Tire Pressure Monitoring. 

If the tire pressure warning symbol appears in the instrument cluster or in notifications, check your vehicle's status by using the iDrive system.