There are five intuitive gestures that enhance convenience when using the iDrive system. The system that uses a field of recognition that exists from a natural driver position. The detection field is located above the center console area and uses heat and motion sensors that are integrated on the roof by the front reading lights. 

  • Point one finer towards the screen and pull it back to accept a call

  • Hand swipe right to reject a call

  • Circle clockwise to increase volume and counter clockwise to decrease volume

  • Pinch and drag to the left or right for a 360 degree view of the vehicle in top view while in Parking Distance Control

  • Point two fingers in a V-shape to customized action (i.e mute/unmute) 

Gesture Control Settings.

The GC settings are located in the My Vehicle menu under system settings, and Gestures. Here you will have the option to turn tips and audio feedback on or off. When active, tips will display on screen to remind you which gestures are available during that function- for instance when receiving an incoming call. 

Control Audio Volume Using Gesture Control. 

A clockwise rotation of your hand will increase the volume of the active source, whether it be media, a phone call, or navigation guidance. A counter-clockwise rotation will decrease the volume. 

Accept or Decline a Call using Gesture Control. 

When a call is received, hints on the screen will remind you what to do (if the hint feature is turned on). To accept the incoming call: point your index finger towards the screen and pull it back.

To Reject the incoming call: swipe your hand to the right. 

Two Finger Point Gesture. 

The two finger point gesture acts as a configurable memory function. You can set it to automatically tell the navigation system to take you home, mute/unmute volume, display the last used menus, skip to the next music track or station, display recent calls from your paired phone, display notifications, or turn off the control display. 


Turning Gesture Controls ON/OFF. 

To turn gesture control on or off go to the MY VEHICLE menu and select SYSTEM SETTINGS, then GESTURES. Check the box to activate gesture control. Deselect the box to turn gesture control off. 

With GC on, you can also activate or deactivate the display tips that appear on the screen as well as audio feedback.