Enhanced Voice Control System. 

The VC system is significantly enhanced and has a natural language understanding. It uses both on board and off board services. To use VC, press the ISPEECH button on the steering wheel and speak your command in simple, natural language. 

Adjust Audio Volume. 

There are three ways to adjust volume: Press these keys on the multi-function steering wheel, turn the entertainment button on the center dash, or (if equipped) use gesture control by rotating your hand clockwise to increase volume, and counter clockwise to decrease volume. 

Radio Station Presets in iDrive. 

You can store your favorite, satellite radio channel, FM station, or AM station into the presets menu. Presets is the first entry that appears under the main Media/Radio menu. 

To add a satellite radio channel or FM/AM station to the presets list, first select the channel by pressing it once. Press down on the controller again to save it to your presets list, a check mark will appear on the right side of the channel name indicating the channel is saved in presets. 

Audio Sources. 

Switching between audio sources can be done by pressing the MODE button on the steering wheel or the MODE button on the center dash. When using the mode button on the steering wheel, audio sources will be displayed on the instrument cluster or head up display if available and selected. When using the mode button on the center dash, sources will be displayed on the screen. Press the mode button several times until your desired source is playing. You can switch between Satellite radio, FM, AM, Music collection, or Bluetooth audio.