Daily Use

iDrive Controller

The iDrive controller is located in the center console where your hand naturally rests. The controller is surrounded by a series of Direct Access buttons that allow you to quickly and intuitively access the most commonly used features within the iDrive system.

On BMWs with navigation, these Direct Access buttons include:


  • Menu- this button always takes you to the main menu screen

  • Radio

  • Media- Takes you to the current or last played selection.

  • Telephone/ COM- Opens up the communications menu.

  • MAP- Shows the navigation map.

  • Navigation- Opens up the navigation menu. 

  • Back- this button takes you to previously views panels, much like the "back" button when using a web browser 

  • Option-Access special settings in certain menus.

To highlight the various selections within a particular iDrive screen, rotate the controller in either a clockwise or counter-clockwise direction. Push down on the controller to select a highlighted item. Bump the controller right or left to toggle between the various screens within a particular menu.

Parked Car Ventilation

Parked Car Ventilation allows for outside air to enter into a parked vehicle via the climate control air vents in an effort to lower the cabin temperature prior to entering the vehicle. The system can be programmed using two preset "switch on" times. When activated, the system will circulate outside air into the cabin for 30 minutes. This system is ideal for individuals living in warm weather climates who routinely enter the vehicle at a particular time of day, such as when leaving work. 

iDrive Touch Controller 

BMW models equipped with Navigation benefit from an all new iDrive controller that features an integrated touchpad with handwriting recognition. 

Using one's finger, the touchpad can be used to: 

  • Write letters or numbers when entering a navigation destination or phone number, or when conducting a search for multimedia files, contacts or a Point of Interest (POI)

  • Scroll through list displayed within iDrive

  • Zoom in or out on a navigation map displayed in iDrive such as Treble, Bass, Balance and Fader


The touchpad uses predictive stroke recognition to interpret your intended letter/number, and the system will confirm the input with an audible response, making it even easier to keep your eyes ahead on the road ahead. 


  • Improved driver concentration on the road ahead

  • effortless, intuitive operation


If your BMW is equipped with iDrive, full control over the multitude of radio features is performed using the iDrive controller. 

You can use iDrive to perform the following radio functions: 

  • Review a list of all available AM and FM radio stations

  • Manually search for a radio station by scrolling through individual frequencies 

  • Store preferred radio stations to a "presets" menu, with all AM, FM, and Satellite radio presets combined in any preferred order in a single, master list. 

  • Turn on/off HD radio reception

  • Select from varios HD radio broadcasts being offered on a particular frequency 

Voice Commands

Voice Command is a feature that allows you to verbally access and operate most features within iDrive using short spoken commands. The vehicle has a built-in "help" feature that can provide some guidance when you aren't quite sure which command to utter. To activate Voice Command, simply press the designated button on the steering wheel, wait for the tone indicating the system is listening, and then speak your desired command. 


The multimedia music collection is only included on vehicles with Navigation. 

You can use iDrive to perform the following CD/multimedia functions: 

  • Play CDs and change CD tracks (if equipped)

  • Import tracks from the CD or USB device to the available hard drive located in the car

  • Search for music stored in the hard drive

  • Backup stored music by exporting it to a suitable USB device. 

  • Play DVD movies if the vehicle is stationary (if equipped) 

  • Control an external device, such as an iPod or iPhone, when it is connected to the car. 

Memory Seats

If your BMW is equipped with power front seats, it will include two memory buttons on the driver's seat. Once you get the seat and exterior mirrors in the ideal positions, you can store these settings to either button. Two buttons allow you to create and store two different seat preferences. 

Customer Relations

Do you have a question or concern regarding your vehicle? 

Contact customer relations for information on all aspects of your vehicle. Simply select the "customer relations" option in your BMW assist or ConnectedDrive menu or call toll free at 1-800-831-1117 and you can talk with a helpful Customer Relations Specialist who will help you further with any questions regarding your vehicle. 

Programmable Memory Buttons

If your BMW is equipped with iDrive, It also features a number of programmable memory buttons located where the traditional radio station pre-set buttons would be found. These buttons allow you to assign specific functions within the various iDrive menus to a group of hard buttons on the dash for faster recall. 

For example, you can use these buttons as a shortcut for accessing: 

  • Favorite radio stations

  • Frequently dialed phone numbers 

  • Commonly used navigation addresses 

  • The Integrated Owner's Manual 

  • Your map view preferences 


To store a function to the button, simply bring up the desired item in the iDrive display, then push and hold the button until you recieve confirmation the item was saved. Lightly scrolling your finger across the buttons will preview the buttons content. To select the previews item, press the button once. 


BMW M Laptimer

With BMW M Laptimer, you can analyze data on racetracks and automatically calculate lap times. Your driving style can be interpreted from a wide range of recorded sensor data, including your car's steering angle, accelerator pedal and G-force. Beyond that, you can share a summary of your track day on Facebook and Twitter or email a recording of your laps to a friend and compare your track performance turn by turn. Download the app from iTunes. Connect your iPhone with the USB cable or snap-in adapter and launch the app. Now you can enjoy the app via the iDrive controller and Control Display. 


Concierge Services

When you're looking for a particular restaurant, hotel recommendation or much more, the BMW Call Center agent is at your service and will send the relevant address details on request straight to your navigation system. You can use Concierge independently of your mobile phone at home or abroad, around the clock, seven days per week and without incurring any additional service cost. Simply push the SOS button (located about the rear-view mirror) or select the "concierge" option in your BMW Assist or ConnectedDrive menu and a helpful Response Specialist will respond to you. On most vehicles, Concierge is available as an additional subscription to BMW Assist or ConnectedDrive Services. Please refer to www.bmwassist.com for availability information. 


If you want to know the shortest route from point A to B- or you need directions to the nearest gas station, ATM, point of interest or street address, just push the SOS button (located above the rear-view mirror) or select the "Concierge" option in your BMW Assist or ConnectedDrive menu. A helpful Response Specialist will direct you to where you need to go. On most vehicles, Concierge is available as an additional subscription to BMW Assist or ConnectedDrive Services. 

Please refer to www.bmwassist.com for availability information. 

Real-Time Traffic Information

Make progress instead of standing still. Precise information on the current traffic situation in your navigation menu: with RTTI you have the traffic in view. No matter how busy things are, your BMW knows the fastest route and makes sure you arrive relaxed. Spend your valuable time where your heart takes you. 

Door Unlock

Your keys ma be locked in your vehicle, but you're not out of luck. With Door Unlock, all it may take is a phone call to BMW Assist Response Center at 1-888-333-6118 to get you back behind the wheel. Once a Response Specialist has confirmed your name and password, a signal is sent to your vehicle to unlock it remotely, so you can enjoy your drive. 

Teleservice (Service Request)

Your BMW may need new brake pads, but you're busy with many other things to do. Don't worry. Your BMW will let us know and we'll do the rest. If service is needed (i.e. engine oil, brake pads), Your BMW automatically (or manually upon request via the BMW Assist or ConnectedDrive menu) relay all service-related data to BMW. BMW will supply this information to your preferred BMW Service Center so a specialist can call you to make an appointment. This exclusive feature allows your service department to have any needed parts ready ahead of time and save you time as well.

Critical Calling

Perhaps you forgot your mobile phone or its battery is discharged and you urgently need to speak to a family member or colleague. Don't worry. Critical Calling allows you to make up to four operator-assisted calls per year from your driver's seat. Simply push you SOS button to speak with a BMW Assist Response Specialist, who will then connect you to your requested party for up to five minutes. 

Enhanced Roadside Assistance

You are never alone. In the event of a vehicle malfunction like a flat tire, empty gas tank or any other vehicle problem, call toll-free at 1-800-332-4269 or select "Roadside Assistance" under the BMW Assist or ConnectedDrive menu. This will transmit your location and vehicle information, even if you don't know where you are, so we can quickly and accurately dispatch help.

Stolen Vehicle Recovery

The Stolen Vehicle Recovery feature of ConnectedDrive provides vehicle location assistance to law enforcement in the event your BMW gets stolen.

Once a police report is filed, it's important to notify BMW Assist by calling 1-888-333-6118. You will need to provide your BMW account information. Then, BMW Assist works with the police to attempt to get a real-time location of the vehicle. 


Refer to www.bmwassist.com for service availability information.  

BMW Assist eCall

BMW Assist eCall can send your location and relevant information to the BMW Assist response center. A Response Specialist can then contact police and EMT services, saving critical time when you need it the most. 

BMW Assist eCall requires an active subscription to BMW Assist. Refer to www.bmwassist.com for services availability information.

Accident Management

What to do after a non-severe accident? Push the SOS button and a Response Specialist will help you locate and/or tow your vehicle to the nearest BMW Certified Collision Repair Center (CCRC), ensuring that your vehicle is correctly repaired according to BMW specifications.

Automatic Collision Notification

With BMW Assist, help is never far away from you. In the event of a severe accident, your BMW Assist system will automatically transmit your vehicle's location and crash information to a Response Specialist, who can determine the risk of injury and then request the appropriate emergency services on your behalf.

BMW Internet

BMW Internet allows you to browse the web via the iDrive controller and Control Display using the integrated SIM card of the vehicle. It is available on the front screen as well as the Rear Seat Entertainment screens. Note: For safety reasons, 'Internet' is not available on the front screen while driving.

To access BMW Internet:

•Go to the 'ConnectedDrive' menu

•Select 'Internet'

•Click to begin your search or enter a web address


The left side bar has additional options to access different tabs, pan your current listing, or exit the service.

BMW Internet is available as an optional 1-or 3- year subscription for most 2014 and later models equipped with the latest Navigation (iDrive 4.2). Please visit www.bmwassist.com for service availability information.

Weather Icons

Weather icons are available on vehicle equipped with Navigation, iDrive 4.2. These icons show the current weather conditions and temperature in a simple, easy to use format.

Weather icons are available starting from a navigation zoom scale of 10-250 miles.

To turn on weather icons:

•In the navigation go to 'Map' then go to 'Weather Content'


Weather icons are available in select 2013 navigation- equipped vehicles, and most 2014 and later navigation-equipped vehicles.