Central Locking System.

BMW's central locking system consists of a number of unique functions and benefits: 

  • Pressing once on the unlock located on the remote key will unlock only the driver's door and fuel door. Pressing the button a second time will unlock all of the doors and the trunk lid or tailgate. This set-up is to prevent un-welcomed strangers from entering your vehicle. If desires, you can program the key so everything unlocks simultaneously with one press of the button. 

  • Your remote key has a stand-alone trunk release button that lets you access the trunk while keeping the vehicle locked. When closing the lid, it will automatically lock. 

  • The central locking system include a double-lock anti-theft feature that prevents individual door lock buttons from being pulled. Thus, even if a thief breaks a window, it isn't possible to open the door if the car has been locked from the outside. 

Remote Key and Personal Profiles.

Your BMW remote key fob provides multiple ways to open and close your vehicle, as well as to store your personalized vehicle settings. 

Remote Key- Low battery. 

Many BMW models feature Keyless Start, a system that allows you to start and drive your BMW without having to place the key fob in a designated dash slot. Your BMW's ignition system recognizes when the key fob is present in the vehicle. Should your remote lose battery power, your BMW can still be started. Simply hold the key fob up against the key-shaped icon on the steering column and press the start button. The car will recognize the presence of the key and start. 

Comfort Access- Trunk. 

Comfort access allows you to lock and unlock your trunk without having to activate buttons on the remote key fob. As long as you have the remote somewhere on you, the car will detect the key's presence when it is within range. 

Comfort Access- Hands Free Trunk Access. 

A growing number of BMW's with Comfort Access also include a hands-free trunk opener. With the key present on your person, make a punting motion under the center rear bumper and the trunk will automatically open. 

This punting motion can also be used to close the trunk, provided your vehicle is equipped with a power trunk lid. 

Benefits: With your hands full,  You can now open and close your trunk without having to set any objects down. 

Central Locking- Valet Mode. 

For added security, your BMW's Central Locking System includes a valet mode that allows you to lock the trunk via a switch located in either the center armrest or glovebox. When activated, this feature prevents a valet from being able to access the trunk while they are in possession of your remote key fob.