This information is stored in your BMW cloud profile that's part of your ConnectedDrive account and allows you to transfer your preferred settings into other BMW vehicles. If no profiles have been created, The GUEST PROFILE will be displayed. To create a new profile, follow the steps bellow. 

  1. Select the 'CAR' menu on the left side of the iDrive control display and then 'DRIVER PROFILES'.

  2. Select 'CREATE DRIVER PROFILE'' from the lower right side menu.

  3. If you do not have a ConnectedDrive account yet, visit the BMWConnectedDrive customer website to create a new one.

  4. To access an existing ConnectedDrive account, enter your user name and password here. 

  5. Next, you can check to synchronize your driver profile to your BMW Cloud profile and press 'CONTINUE'.

  6. Next, you can choose to link your profile to your key, and press 'CONTINUE'.

  7. Select 'GET STARTED'. Now, all future vehicle settings will automatically be saved to your BMW Cloud Profile. 

Additional menus on the profiles page include:

Settings: Where you can turn on synchronizing driver profile on or off, set salutations, or remove a driver profile. 

Avatar: Here you can choose your profile image.

Driver Recognition: Allows you to set permissions for your method to unlock your profile. 

Once set up, it's easy to switch between profiles. Press the profile image at the top of the screen to access the profile page and select your desired profile.