For a quick search, select "WHERE TO?", and enter your destination in the search bar. This feature allows you get results without having to type in all aspects of an address. Here you can fill in places, address, points of interest, or categories. The iDrive system will search for an address based on your location and start to predict results. When your search is complete, all discovered locations will be displayed below.

Tap on your choice, and then, press 'START GUIDANCE'. Navigation guidance will begin. 


Other ways to enter destinations can be found in the 'NAVIGATION' menu and accessed by selecting 'NAV' on the left side of the menu of the control  display or by pressing the 'NAV' button on the iDrive controller. 

The easiest way to cancel navigation is to say, "Hello BMW, Stop guidance". 


You can store your home address for a quick guidance. To do this, select 'SET HOME ADDRESS' and enter your address here. Now, anytime you'd like to navigate home, simply say, "Hello BMW, take me home". 

Navigation with Touch Display. 

You can make selections and enter search fields within the iDrive navigation system by using the touch screen or the iDrive touch controller. In map view, you can change the map scale by pinching and zooming. You can also move the map in any direction by touching the screen with one finger and dragging it in that direction. 

Navigation with Touch Commands. 

Touch to make a selection. Swipe sideways to move between menus. Scroll up and down through pages. Pinch-zoom on the map scale to zoom in or out and touch and drag with one finger to move the map in any direction. 

Personalize the Map Displays. 

While in map views, press the option button on the iDrive controller. Next, Select NAVIGATION SETTINGS. Here you can choose the map style, day or night mode, route settings, and receive traffic info. 

Quick Search. 

Quick search in the Navigation system is an intuitive search tool that anticipates your search with every keyword you enter, based on your location and other factors such as a mixture of street names, places, points of interest and categories. 


NAV Button Shortcut Key. 

You can quickly access the navigation destination input screen by pressing the NAV button on the iDrive controller. 

Destination Input Menu. 

Enter a new destination or add an intermediate destination by using a variety of input methods such as a home address, recent destinations, points of interest, contacts, and GPS coordinates. 

Guidance Labels. 

To personalize the navigation map, access the map view settings by shifting left with the controller from the map view and activate the tool bar. Next, Scroll down and choose MAP VIEWS. You will see a split menu. 

The top menu items allow you to set up your view direction. You can choose: north view, perspective view, or direction of travel. The lower menu items help you to personalize your map view the information that appears on your map: Auto zoom, Auto zoom with information label, manual zoom, or route overview. 

Arrow Display. 

When navigating to a destination, detailed turn information with traffic can be displayed in split screen using Arrow Display. From the map view, press this tab to open split screen and select ARROW DISPLAY.