Navigation Basics.

If your BMW is equipped with iDrive/Navigation version 4.2, entering a destination is a simple and intuitive process that can be performed manually using the iDrive controller, or verbally using the Voice Command feature. With the information entered, the system will allow you to start guidance to your destination. It will also provide you with the option to add the destination to a list of stored address so that you don't have to repeatedly enter information for frequently visited locations. 

Customize your iDrive Map Display. 

While in map view, press the iDrive controller. Next, select navigation settings. Here you can choose the map style, day or night mode, route settings, and receive traffic info. 

Arrow Display.

When navigating to a destination, detailed turn information with traffic can be displayed in split screen using Arrow Display. From the map view, press this tab to open split screen and select Arrow display. 

Voice Commands - Destinations.

To improve safety, the Navigation system includes Voice Command to reduce the need to operate the iDrive, radio and Navigation systems manually while driving. Destinations, radio stations, phone numbers and other features can be accessed manipulated simply through spoken commands. A list of short commands for the Voice Command system are included in the last section of the printed Owner's Manual. As in other BMW models, Voice Command is accessed via a button on the multi-function steering wheel. 

Select an Alternate Route.

If your BMW is equipped with Navigation, entering a destination is a simple and intuitive process that can be performed manually using th iDrive controller, or verbally 

Points of Interest Search.

The BMW navigation system allows you to enter your destination by using an address or points of interest search. This can be done through the iDrive system through iSpeech. 

To start guidance using iSpeech, press the iSpeech button on the steering wheel and say, "take me to", "I want to go to" or "where is the nearest" 

You can also enter an address or call up a previous destination through the Navigation menu. Use quick search to find a place, keyword, or category. 

3D City Model. 

BMWs equipped with iDrive/Navigation version 4.2 include an Interactive Map function that lets you use the iDrive controller to scroll across the map in any direction, zoom in and out over a highlighted area, and then select a particular spot on the map. As an added benefit, the Interctive Map can also be set-up to display realistic, animated, 3D depictions of key buildings and landmarks within a city, provided 3D images for the city in question are stored in the Navigation system database. For this feature to work, you must zoom to an altitude of 800 feet or less. 


  • This feature greatly enhances your ability to locate and start guidance to key building and landmarks within a city when the specific address isn't known.

  • It can also make it easier to get your bearings while en-route to a destination with a large urban center. 


Eco-Pro Navigation. 

You have the ability to choose different routes to your preferred destination. This alternative route section called ECO PRO provides the most fuel-efficient route to your destination, while also presenting a gas pump icon that shows the percentage of fuel savings you will realize if choosing this route in place of the originally recommended route. 

Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information (ARTTI).

Whether you want the short route, the fast route, or the scenic route, you never want to get stuck in traffic. With BMW's Advanced Real-Time Traffic Information, you recieve up-to-date traffic information right on your control display. The service notifies you of traffic incidents on your route so you can change course and avoid delays. With ARTTI, you get the information faster, with more detail, and with greater coverage than ever before offered in a BMW vehicle.