To pair your phone via Bluetooth to the BMW iDrive 7 Operating System, follow the below steps: 

  1. Activate the 'COMMUNICATIONS' menu by selecting 'COM' on the menu of the iDrive control display or by pressing the 'COM' button on the iDrive controller.

  2. Select 'Mobile Devices' and then 'New Device". 

  3. This is where you'll indicate how you'd like to use the new device. To pair your phone to be used as a telephone and a media source for audio, choose 'PHONE CALLS AND AUDIO'.

  4. If your device is visible to others, it will be shown on the iDrive control display as a nearby device. 

  5. The BMW identity will now appear on your phone. Tap the identity and follow your phone's steps to pair. 

  6. Once connected, a verification number will display on your device. Confirm this number on the iDrive control display by selecting 'OK'.

  7. Once confirmed, your device will appear in the 'MOBILE DEVICES' menu. The icon to the right indicates the main use of the device.

  8. Clicking on your device name will open a menu that allows you to change settings, disconnect or delete the device from iDrive.