Headlight Controls. 

The headlights on your BMW are operated by the rotary dial located in the dash panel to the left of the steering wheel. Every BMW is equipped with Automatic headlight control. When the rotary dial is placed in the "A" position, a sensor detects ambient lighting and determines when it is necessary to automatically switch on and off the headlights as well as all other related lighting. 

Turn Indicator Controls. 

The turn signals in your BMW are controlled by a stalk positioned on the left side of the steering wheel. On many BMWs, a Triple Turn Signal function is included. When used, the feature will flash the turn signal three times and then automatically stop, thereby ensuring you don't continue down the road with your blinker flashing indefinitely. 

Cornering Lights. 

Depending on the BMW model you drive, Cornering Lights utilize the fog lights or inboard headlamps to provide additional lighting in low speed turning situations. These lights are activated by a large steering angle, when using the turn signal, or when driving in reverse. Once the steering maneuver has been completed or the vehicle is taken out of reverse, a dimmer will gently extinguish the light beam. 

benefit: Improved visibility at the front edges of the vehicle when navigating tight spaces at night

Automatic High Beams.

AHB effectively improves the driver's forward vision at night by making it more likely the high beams will be used when it is safe to do so. A sensor behind the rear-view mirror monitors light from oncoming traffic, and switches the high beams on whenever it is safe to do so. 

The system will automatically switch from high beams to low beams when... 

  • Detecting oncoming traffic at a distance of approximately 3200 feet

  • Detecting the tail lamps of vehicles approximately 1300 feet behind

  • detecting well lit streets

Fog Lights. 

When driving in fog, it can often be difficult to see the foreground, road markings and road edges due to the fact the water vapor is reflecting much of the light being generated by the headlights. fog lights help illuminate these additional areas of the road ahead to improve overall visibility and driver safety.